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Michael Straub, Michael Straub Photography

“The Chamber has great people and amazing energy! I have made many connections and see my business growing because of it!”

Tom Sforza, Best Auto

“The Pocono Chamber has many great businesses and people in it. Every month there are many things going on like business card exchanges, women in business, young professionals, seminars, etc. If you want to network and grow your business you need to be part of the  Pocono Chamber.”

Lisa Diemer, Main Street Makery

“The Pocono Chamber of Commerce has been a wonderful way to promote my business. I attend the Women In Business Luncheon regularly and have networked with business owners of all levels and gained many clients from these meetings due to word of mouth.”

Sarah Raley, Social Seed Media, LLC.

“I applaud the Chamber for providing invaluable best practices and staff who have gone above and beyond in dedication to re-gear our Chamber for fiscal success securing a future for the organization’s work. The Pocono Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant organization which provides so many opportunities for professional growth and networking across our entire region."

We’re a full-service, digital-first credit union. And as a credit union, we’re member-owned and not-for-profit, which means fewer fees and more benefits for you. Our members have access to these perks every day.


We've been helping members reach their financial goals since 1934.

Check us out: Digital-First Banking with a Human Touch | Achieve More with PSECU


Membership = Confidence

You work hard for your money. We work hard to help you take care of it. As a not-for-profit credit union, we work for our member-owners instead of corporate stockholders, and we've been doing so successfully for 90 years. You can feel good about banking with us because we're here for you for the long haul.

Membership = Guidance

Our money management tips, financial education program, and digital banking know-how allow you to bank confidently, knowing you're making the best money decisions for you and your family.

Membership = Perks

Gotchas like hidden fees aren’t our thing. Instead, we’re into gimmes like free checking and savings and so much more.

PSECU: The Credit Union for Your Employees

Through our bank-at-work program, we give employees a way to take control of their finances by saving two important resources: time and money.

Work with us to offer resources to your employees while enhancing your benefits package. Join 1,000+ Pennsylvania organizations prioritizing their employees’ financial health, and become a PSECU Select Employee Group (SEG).

Select Employee Group (SEG): What Is It & How to Become One? (


Get Involved and Make a Difference

Volunteer leaders work together on various Chamber committees or in other ways to enhance our quality of life and promote progress. As Monroe County continues to grow each year, so does the scope of the Chamber's work. Becoming a volunteer with your Chamber is an excellent way to network, get involved, and make a difference in your Chamber and in your community.

For more information, visit our Committees page or contact the Chamber team at 570.421.4433!